Hunting and fishing

The farm is available outside of the farming season for hunting and farming.


The mountain farm is let during big game hunting in Roktdalen.
The farm is available during the periods 14.09-23.09 and 03.10-08.10.
After 1 November it is also possible to book the farm. The grounds are excellent for hunting rabbits and woodland birds.
Contact us for information about small game hunting.



We have canoes and boats for let in Roktsjøen. The lake is easily accessible as you drive past it on your way to the mountain farm, and it has plenty of fish. We also have a boat to let in Gåstjønna, about 1,5 hour hike from Roktdalen towards Brandheiklumpen. Here you can fish a lovely mountain trout in idyllic surroundings. It is also a good spot to set up a tent.

You can also fish in the river Rokta, there are several nice spots along the riverbank.



If you need a guide, or more information, please contact us by phone.